welcome to the new blog for the amos road club. we hope that all things bike and amos-related can find their home on the site.

all posts and other nonsense will also be shared on twitter and facebook:

there’s an email address too: amosroadclub@btinternet.com

if you click on about and gallery you can see that i’ve attempted a summary and any relevant pictures from the various amos rides over the years . there are gaps – please help me fill them!

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all the routes from google

day 1

NB I edited this route (day 1) after the original post

day 2 longer

day 2 shorter

day 3

day 4 longer (veloscenic)

day 4 shorter



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2018 garmin tracks

i can’t upload the .gpx files into this site but I will put them on the facebook page and can email them as well. send me a message at amosroadclub@btinternet.com if you want them emailed.

these files should import into garmin connect and can then be sent to your device. i find that to import the .gpx activity into garmin i have to follow these steps:

  1. import activity using the cloud icon on the top right.
  2. locate the file and select it. click the ‘import data’ button.
  3. if the import is successful you will see the message ‘import complete‘. click on ‘view details’ next to the green text. the file will open as an activity in garmin connect.
  4. rename the file if you want and then go to the little cog icon in the top right of the screen and select ‘save as course’. follow the steps and you have a course ready to upload to your device.
  5. before importing the next one you will have to delete the previous activity.


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2018 day 4

we ride from dreux and link up with La Veloscenie cycle path into paris. shorter and longer routes available.




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2018 day 1

we are looking for the best place to start. probably go for the top of richmond hill by the park but need to think about how to get bags into the van etc.

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day 3 lisieux to dreux

planning day 3


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amosroadclub 2018

day 2

starting to play around with routes in france. this route includes juno beach and a visit to caen.


but shorter versions are available…


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amosroadclub 2018

click here to find out about this year’s ride and to secure a place

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not long to go

really looking forward to this year’s ride. i’ve converted the google routes into a format that can imported directly onto a garmin device. if you’d like them they will be posted on our facebook page as wordpress doesn’t like them!


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Bike to the borders

New Amos ride for 2017 – details here

Book Here

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tour de wight 2016 – 1 week later

Recollections from Chris, Director of Amos

‘It’s hard to believe that this time last week we are on the ferry across the Solent to the Isle of White. Continue reading

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