staying in bruges

we’ve been looking into accommodation in bruges for the monday night. i think it’s better if different people/couples/families sort out their own accommodation as requirements are so different. the rose clan have sorted a house for a couple of nights but we did find another real bargain if any of you are interested. we’ve put it on hold for seven days; first come first served.

one night would cost 255 euro for 11 people all in. a second/third night would be an additional 100 euro or so each night. link below:

This house is also in the center of the city between the 2 most important shopping streets: Dweersstraat 12

Our house is a typical Bruges house with a gothic front facade.We are located between the 2 mainstreets and between Markt and ‘t Zand.
We have 4 bedrooms and a futon in the tv-room.( Max 11 persons)
There are 2 bathrooms and a terrace with gardentable.
The price for this house is:
The rate for the night of 27 May is 110 euro + 70 euro (bath and bedlinen) +75 euro for cleaningcost = 255 euro(1 night)
The energycost and water are included.There are no other costs.

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2 Responses to staying in bruges

  1. amosroadclub says:

    this hotel looks OK,
    they currently have availability on monday 27th may:
    price: 4persroom: 84,00 Euro, a night.
    3persroom: 66,00 Euro, a night.
    they might have other rooms if you contact them

  2. Nick Prior says:

    Have been looking at accommodation in Bruges for Monday 27th, noting that Lucas has gone for the hotel ibis. Anyone else want to stay there and share a twin/triple room?

    Have booked the eurostar back, including booking bike on.
    Will look at journey out there next, what are most going for?


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