getting to calais

saturday 25th may is a very busy day to cross the channel so i’m hoping that amosroadclubbers book early to avoid disappointment!

our options are many and varied but we want to start cycling from calais at 1pm at the latest which limits our possibilities. i am assuming here that people are travelling as foot passengers. options with a car are too many to go into here but can work out cheaper.

ferry – the cheapest crossing as a foot passenger + bicycle is with my ferry link which costs £15 each way. it’s a bit laborious because you have to book each person one at a time, selecting ‘bicycle’ in the vehicle pull-down. the crossing at 8.30am gets into calais at the right sort of time. other ferry operators have a range of times but none are quite as cheap! p&o have crossings at 8.25 & 9.25, they charge £19.50 each way; dfds charge £22.50 and the times are even more anti-social!

eurotunnel le shuttle – the cycle service on the tunnel might be an attractive option for some.  12 bikes and riders (it says 6 on the website but they now have 2 buses) are transported through the tunnel in minibuses. the cost is £16 each way. the only limitation is that bikes have to be picked up from the holiday inn express folkestone – channel tunnel at 8am. apparently you travel on the 8.50 crossing and are in calais by 10.30 french time. i called the sales support department on 7th january and there were no reservations for saturday 25th at that point.

getting to dover or folkestone by trainsoutheastern trains cover theses routes. journeys from london take around 2 hours and a single ticket costs about £35. cycles are carried free, without booking, on all services except those timed to arrive in london between 07.00 – 09.59, or to depart 16.00 – 18.59 monday to friday. Tel: 0845 000 2222

well – there’s my thoughts so far. please leave a comment if you know of other ways to get to calais or have experiences/thoughts to share. i’ll post about getting back from bruges in a few days.


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