getting back from bruges 2

thanks to dan for this update (30th january)

“Booking on Eurostar has now opened for Tuesday 28th May, and the cheapest tickets will go fast, so I advise getting in quick.  Some things to consider are listed below:-

1. Internal connections within Belgium

When you book your return ticket on the eurostar page, you have the option to include internal connections within Belgium for a small extra amount (when you are asked to choose stations, choose “any Belgian station” under the “Belgium” tab).

2. Bruges railtimes to brussels

Here are the railway times that you would have to factor in to allow enough time before getting on Eurostar.  Eurostar recommend allowing an hour to get your bike on to their train.

On 28th May, trains leave Bruges at the following times:

  • Bruges – Brussels departs 07.58
  • Bruges – Brussels departs 08.36
  • Bruges – Brussels departs 08.59
  • Bruges – Brussels departs 09.36
  • Bruges – Brussels departs 10.36

The journey to Brussels takes just under an hour.

3. Eurostar timetable

Eurostar goes from Brussels every 2 hours at approx 5 mins to the hour starting at 8:52, 10:56, 12:56

4. Booking your bike onto the Eurostar

Booking your bike on is a totally separate process to getting your ticket.  First buy your own Eurostar tickets in the normal way, then call Eurostar’s baggage line on 0844 822 5822. It costs an additional £30.

Dan has already booked 4 people onto the following trains on that day if you want to be on the same trains for company:-

  • Train from Bruges 10:36
  • Arrive Brussels 11:34
  • Eurostar from Brussels 12:56
  • Arrive London St Pancras 14:09 (local time)”




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2 Responses to getting back from bruges 2

  1. jenbaker says:

    Thanks for the info Dan – Jonny and I are booked onto the same train as you although need to remember to get a space for the bikes as well!

  2. Jenny says:

    I’ve just tried to book our bikes on the train, but they said they can’t do it more than three months in advance – have you booked yours on Dan?

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