may is here!

sorry it’s been quiet on the blog front of late; a new job which is a blessing has taken the time and energy that the amosroadclub might have benefiited from otherwise!

well there’s three weeks to go and final plans are getting sorted:

  • we have decided to hire a van for the trip in order to carry bags etc. we will still all need to travel pretty light but at least there will be enough space now.
  • on sunday evening we’ll probably eat in ypres and experience the last post ceremony at the menin gate. my reason for mentioning this is that we will all need lights to cycle back to the hostel afterwards.
  • regarding kit, the blog that adrian set up for the clap ride has a wealth of information about kit and training. the link is here.
  • we are busy mapping the routes and working out the best format to share these – any suggestions welcome!

hope the training is going well and i’ll be back in touch very soon – exciting times!!


About amosroadclub

@AmosTrust supporters who love to get on their bikes
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