way of the roses – may 2014


delighted to be able to blog the first lot of information about the amosroadclub ride for 2014 – the way of the roses. if you follow the link there is plenty of information about the route and the small bumps along the way.


saturday 24th may – monday 26th may 2014

we’ve booked:

  • accommodation – saturday night in malham youth hostel  & sunday night in york youth hostel 
  • meals – breakfast on sunday & monday, evening meals on saturday & sunday all at the hostels, sandwich lunches on saturday, sunday and monday
  • 57 seater coach from bridlington back to morecambe at 16:00 on monday 26th
  • removal truck to move bikes from bridlington to morecambe at 16:00 on monday 26th


the cost of the ride will be £130 per person including all of the above. we are also producing a cycling shirt for the ride which will cost £36.

n.b. the cost does not include accommodation in morecombe on either friday or monday night.

raising funds:

there is no expectation that riders will raise money for amos trust projects although we welcome this and would encourage any first-time riders to use this as a fundraising activity. late last year a key member of the amosroadclub, dan rowland, tragically took his own life. as a consequence any money raised as a result of this year’s ride will be divided between the mental health foundation and to provide psychological support for highly traumatised young people in the gaza strip. if you would like to make a donation please follow this link:


how to sign up:

we have set up an eventbrite page where you can register your interest in taking part in the ride and pay a £30 deposit and £36 for your amosroadclub cycling shirt if appropriate.

follow the link below and sign up. if you have any questions please email, leave a comment or send us a message via twitter @amosroadclub



About amosroadclub

@AmosTrust supporters who love to get on their bikes
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3 Responses to way of the roses – may 2014

  1. Lucas Oliver says:

    I’m going to miss the hills! We’re booked-up for a holiday in Morocco in late May.

    Happy riding ARC!


    On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 10:06 PM, amosroadclub

  2. Dean Willars says:

    Hi Guys
    I’m wondering if we should get going with booking train tickets for the return journey to Lancaster? What time are we setting off on Sat?

    • Mike Rose says:

      Hi Dean
      I think we can safely assume we won’t set off as early as we hope to! That said, we’d like to get off to an early start so I know several bods will be making the journey on Friday night and staying in a B&B. There are few spaces for bikes on the trains so if that’s what you plan to do I should book as early as possible.
      I’ll get some more info out soon

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