happy 2015

hello everyone. lots more to finalise but time to share thoughts so far about our ride this may.

amosroadclub 2015 – amos to amsterdam; red light to red light


saturday 23rd may

 we will set off cycling on saturday morning to harwich potentially from two starting points: 

  • amos trust HQ (st slement’s eastcheap) – harwich approx. 85 miles
  • cambridge (st pauls church) – harwich approx 66 miles

 both routes pass through colchester so we could meet there.

there are also other possibilities:

  • drive or take public transport to harwich on saturday to meet the cyclists there
  • drive or take public transport to harwich on friday and spend saturday in holland

23.00pm saturday night – we will take the ferry from harwich – hook of holland.

fares: foot passenger + bike £40.50. you also have to book a cabin which is approx £30 for single, £20pp in 2/3/4 berth cabins

sunday 24th may

 the ferry gets in at about 8.00am sunday morning

we will set off on the LF1 for pancake breakfast in wassenaar. cycle to leiden for lunch (approx 40km)

afternoon – cycle from leiden to amsterdam (approx 45km).

we will leave the historic centre of leiden via a network of canals and rivers that take you past some of the city’s highlights. and journey around the lakes in the kaag en braassem region, which are all connected by rivers and canals. We will see a lot of windmills which were built to regulate the water level in the surrounding polders.


we aim to arrive in amsterdam mid-afternoon and plan to  stay at the hostel amsterdam vondelpark for 2 nights. the cost will be approx. 50 euro bed and breakfast per night. amosroadclubber mark rigby has taken students to the hostel at vondlepark. it’s a stones throw from the museumplein where you have  the rijksmuseum (which has rembrandt’s- ‘the night watch’) and the van gogh museum and a nice little cafe called ‘cobra’, and is on the tramway 5 which takes you through amsterdam to the main rail station & city centre.

monday 25th may

there are plenty of possibilities:

zaanse schans cycle route


traditional windmills, green wooden houses and industrial heritage – a 52km route through the zaan region shows you some of holland’s rich industrial history. highlight of the route is museum village the zaanse schans, with its industrial windmills and traditional green wooden houses.

marken cycle route – 51km


this varied route takes you through waterland, a region whose history has been dominated by water. Highlight of the route is the former island of marken, with its elevated wooden houses, small fishing harbour and striking lighthouse.

a tour of amsterdam

amsterdam has good cycling infrastructure. most of amsterdam’s main streets have separate cycle lanes and a network of cycle paths takes you through the city fast – and away from other traffic whenever possible.

getting home

once again there are a number of permutations. some will want to leave on monday, some on tuesday and some might stay longer.

the ferry back to harwich leaves the hook of holland at 14.15 and gets in at 19.45.

  • if we set off early we could cycle from amsterdam (84km).
  • alternatively the 11.28 train from amsterdam links with the ferry and trains from harwich get into london at 22.14 and cambridge at 22.40

you can take the eurostar from amsterdam via brussels. it costs about £70 one way plus £30 for the bike


About amosroadclub

@AmosTrust supporters who love to get on their bikes
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One Response to happy 2015

  1. Carolyn tiller says:

    I’d like to come on the road trip but don’t know anyone. Is there someone in Cambridge you could put me in touch with please? (That’s where I live)! Thank you – I’m happy to give you more info about me if that would be useful

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