amos to amsterdam day 1

Amos to Amsterdam day 1

amos to amsterdam 2015                        

it’s going to be a long and exciting day! we will use the same route  out of london that a few of us followed when we did the dunwich dynamo a few years back.  we will cycle past the olympic park and then head through epping forest.

we join the NCN route 1 at moreton and follow NCN1 through chelmsford and straight on until we turn left through ulting. we will rejoin NCN1 near great totham and follow the cycle route through tiptree and lexden to colchester.

we pick up the NCN51 in colchester and follow the route until turning off near great oakley to meet the cambridge posse in ramsey for dinner.

suitably refreshed we cycle through harwich and rejoin the NCN51 which takes us to the ferry.


  SplitDistance (miles) Cumulativedistance
Amos 0 0
Olympic Park 4 4
Leytonstone 3 7
Epping Forest 5 12
Moreton NCN1 11 23
Chelmsford 15 38
Ulting 9 47
Wickham Bishop 5 52
Tiptree 6 58
Lexden 9 67
Colchester NCN51 3 70
Wivenhoe 3 73
Elmstead Market 3 76
Great Oakley 9 85
Ramsey 3 88
Harwich Ferry 4 92

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@AmosTrust supporters who love to get on their bikes
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