tour de wight-kit list

Kit List
Spares to carry on your bike

A small saddle bag


2 bottle cages & 2 water bottles

Inner tube

Pump to fit tube

Puncture repair kit & tyre levers

Bike multi tool

Cycling Clothes & Important Bits


Cycling /Sun glasses (stops flies in the eyes)

Padded cycling shorts

Fingerless gloves

Mid layer – or bib tights

Waterproof (light to carry)

Lip salve

Sun cream



Money for meals & bank card

Snacks (we will provide water, fruit & nuts plus daily picnic lunches)

Overnight bag contents

Wash kit & Shower gel


Comfy change of clothes & shoes & dry socks


Bike Maintenance – get a professional service now – to check

Brakes – Make sure blocks are not rubbing on the tyre when you apply your brakes, also check that the blocks hit the rim squarely and do not slide under the rim. Check that the blocks are not worn and that they connect with the rim cleanly.

Gears – ensure they change up and down freely.

Cables – Check that neither the gear or brake cables are frayed. If they are replace them.

Tyres – inflated correctly to manufacturers spec and check the amount of tread left, if in doubt replace them.

Lubrication – Apply lubrication to front and rear mechs, brake holder pivots, all entry and exit points on cable outers, chain, brake lever pivot points and reapply lubrication at the end of each day.


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@AmosTrust supporters who love to get on their bikes
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