the amosroadclub is an informal group of amos supporters who get together from time to time to pedal and raise money for amos’s partners around the world.

the exact origins of the amosroadclub are known to very few and are shrouded in mystery. but you shall know us by our actions!

  • june 2008 c2c.
  • may 2009
  • in may 2010 we were off again;  cambridge to london to paris, or ‘clàp’. 
  • may 2011 saw us heading north; inverness to fort william and back again.
  • 2012 saw two rides, a weekend in suffolk followed by a small and select group surviving the dunwich dynamo.
  • in 2013 we headed across northern france to ypres and then off to bruges; we drank a lot of strong beer
  • 2014 saw us going coast to coast again, this time following the way of the roses
  • abroad again in 2015 and a beautiful ride to amsterdam.
  • in 2016 the isle of wight was our destination

c2c   2009   clàp   scotland   suffolk


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