clàp 2010

may 2010

amos trust associate director, chris rose reports on the recent cambridge – london – paris fundraising bike ride:

“Last May Bank Holiday 39 cyclists arrived in Paris on a sponsored bike ride on behalf of Amos Trust. 22 of these riders had started their ride on Thursday in Cambridge, with the rest joining them on Friday in London.

This was Amos’ 3rd annual ride and they are fast becoming my personal highlight of the year. Several of us were defying doctors orders to take part – (while unfortunately a couple of others had to pull out just before the event including ride veteran Simon Braybrook who was in hospital.)

The event was organised by two Amos supporters Daniel Rowland and Adrian Reith, who did a fantastic job of making sure it was not only a great experience, but also came in at an affordable price so that as many people as possible could take part and as much money as possible could be raised for Amos partners and projects The light hearted and very supportive approach has welcomed highly experienced cyclists and novices.

Several people raised considerable sums of money, including Bryan Webster riding for A Just Peace for Palestine, Mike Rose who was riding in aid of Umthombo Street Children’s ambulance, which Mike had seen in action last year when he visited Umthombo. Riding for our work in Nicaragua were Iain and George MacFarlane. George at 13 was our youngest rider and led the peloton (as we like to think we’re prop enough for a pelaton!) to our finish point the Eiffel Tower.

A special mention does also need to be made of Anne Von Rabenau who had to pull out due her husband Peter being injured. However Anne cycled the first day with us and then covered the same amount on her own around Cambridge. We should also mention Jake Hall who had to finish after the first day when his knee gave way – and is now hobbling around on crutches. Get well soon Jake.

The highlights of the ride that stand out for me are the constant puncture repairs in the cold and drizzle on the long haul down to Newhaven; cycling through Dieppe in the early hours trying to find the hotel we were staying in; lunch in a little French village – baguettes, local cheese, fruit and red wine in a market square; and the ride through Paris and reception from several families who joined us at the Eiffel tower. The evening meals were always loud, very funny and great fun and the last one in a restaurant on the banks of the Seine after the ride was fantastic.”

If you’d like to know more about the ride visit our blog here.


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