TdW Day 3

Distance 62.68 mi | Time 5:30:49 | Speed 11.4 mph | Elev Gain 1,253 m

Source: TdW Day 3

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TdW Day 2

Distance 68.57 mi | Time 6:04:34 | Speed 11.3 mph | Elev Gain 1,579 m

Source: TdW Day 2

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TdW Day 1

Distance 53.32 mi | Time 4:10:05 | Speed 12.8 mph | Elev Gain 956 m

Source: TdW Day 1

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tour de wight-kit list

Kit List
Spares to carry on your bike

A small saddle bag


2 bottle cages & 2 water bottles

Inner tube

Pump to fit tube

Puncture repair kit & tyre levers

Bike multi tool

Cycling Clothes & Important Bits


Cycling /Sun glasses (stops flies in the eyes)

Padded cycling shorts

Fingerless gloves

Mid layer – or bib tights

Waterproof (light to carry)

Lip salve

Sun cream



Money for meals & bank card

Snacks (we will provide water, fruit & nuts plus daily picnic lunches)

Overnight bag contents

Wash kit & Shower gel


Comfy change of clothes & shoes & dry socks


Bike Maintenance – get a professional service now – to check

Brakes – Make sure blocks are not rubbing on the tyre when you apply your brakes, also check that the blocks hit the rim squarely and do not slide under the rim. Check that the blocks are not worn and that they connect with the rim cleanly.

Gears – ensure they change up and down freely.

Cables – Check that neither the gear or brake cables are frayed. If they are replace them.

Tyres – inflated correctly to manufacturers spec and check the amount of tread left, if in doubt replace them.

Lubrication – Apply lubrication to front and rear mechs, brake holder pivots, all entry and exit points on cable outers, chain, brake lever pivot points and reapply lubrication at the end of each day.

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tour de wight – update 15th may

hope that the training is going well. this post gives you a detailed look at the routes and step by step instructions you can download. laminated copies will be available on the ride.

the route for day 1 can be seen by clicking on this link:

and you can download the instructions for day 1 here:T de W Day 1 pdf

similarly for day 2:

and the instructions: T de W Day 2 pdf

day 3:

and instructions: T de W Day 3 pdf

i hope it all makes sense!

thanks to chris pye for this link to an article with a whole host of cycling-related apps.

looking forward to seeing everyone soon.




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tour de wight update

the routes for days 1 and 2 are more or less sorted. chris and I are heading to southampton next saturday, may 7th, to check out day 3.

if you’d like a gpx file of days 1 and 2 let me know and I can email them to you. The links to the routes are given here:

TdW Day 1

TdW Day 2



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tour de wight test event

tdw testassuming brother chris can walk next week, let alone sit on his bike, we are planning a test ride on friday 8th april (weather permitting).

drop me an email if you fancy joining us.



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cycling the tour de wight

click here to read an article telling us just how good this year’s ride is going to be!

thanks to chris pye for the link

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tour de wight update

sorry about recent inactivity – all work (and hockey)  and not enough play!

spring is here and we start to brush cobwebs off bikes and squeeze back into the lycra (a lovely mental image) how can a person’s mind not turn to the tour de wight from the 28th – 30th may
so far we have 29 booked in for the ride.  we also have an driver par excellence isobel making a glorious return to the fold.
so if you haven’t booked in yet then please visit booking as we need to let the youth hostel have a rough idea of numbers.
If you need more details of the ride and would like to invite others then please go to this page as we are always keen to have new people join in.
for any who are concerned about how long/hard the cycling will be, every day will have easier and harder routes and there will be short cuts, pubs and lots of cafes to stop at.
lucas has emailed through asking if any people are up for doing a little route mapping ride before the event – possibly over two days – if you are keen can you drop me an email even if you can’t make the full ride.
finally a few of our number have landed in palestine and are running the bethlehem marathon on april 1st. jenny, following her own cancer treatment, is raising money for breast cancer screening in gaza, where the incidence of cancer is growing steadily and there is very limited treatment  jack is running to raise money to bring a group of young people from a refugee camp in bethlehem over to the uk to  life without military occupation
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tour de wight

happy christmas to you all. some further info about this summer’s ride here

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